BRP-Powertrain, ROTAX ® has released a certified driver for Windows 7 and 8.1.

This driver is applicable for Flydat p/n 886857 and 886858.

To get this file please go to look under their iRC/iSC files.

or click here.

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AERO 2014: A Strong Showing for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen

AERO 2013Friedrichshafen – The countdown is on: with some 600 exhibitors and even more enhancements, AERO 2014 will strengthen its position as Europe’s largest trade fair for general aviation. From ultralights to multi-engine business jets, from helicopters to gyrocopters, the full spectrum will be featured in Friedrichshafen. Highlights include the “e?flight expo” with electrically propelled aircraft, the “Engine Area” dedicated exhibition, and the “Avionics Avenue” specialty zone. Drones for civilian use will also attract plenty of interest. Here, the trade fair team will turn the spotlight on the “UAS/RPAS Expo” (Unmanned Aerial Systems), a joint exhibition at AERO that focuses on these new devices.

Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO project leader Roland Bosch are very pleased AERO 2014 has already seen brisk bookings for exhibition space. General aviation includes all civilian, non-military aircraft, except for commercial airliners. According to EU figures, over 200,000 powered aircraft, ultralights and gliders are registered within the territory of the European Union alone. Once again, this international trade fair on Lake Constance will cover the wide spectrum of this sector almost completely. “AERO is Europe’s leading trade fair in this sector,” says Roland Bosch, who is certain that every top manufacturer will be represented once more in Friedrichshafen.

Four special spotlight zones will be featured at AERO 2014. The “e?flight expo” is the longest running one, now taking place for the sixth time, showcasing alternative propulsion systems under the motto “Electrical, Ecological, Evolutionary”. The “e?flight expo” may get an extra thrust from the scheduled first appearance of the revolutionary Volocoptor, made by the e-Volo company of Karlsruhe. While a model of this electrically driven 18-rotor helicopter was exhibited at AERO in 2013, the Volocopter prototype will be featured in 2014, if permitted by flight trials this spring. This futuristic rotorcraft had its first flight in November 2013, attracting great attention.

(continue reading…)

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Surprise Sun ‘n Fun Showing by Kitfox Aircraft

Homedale, Idaho, March 18, 2014.  Earlier this year, Kitfox Aircraft LLC announced that the company would not be able to participate in the big air shows of early 2014.  It seems that success had created a backlog of orders that simply took priority over trade show attendance.  According to John McBean, President of Kitfox Aircraft, “We received a call from the U.S. distributor for Rotax® engines with an offer we just couldn’t refuse.”  Mr. McBean continued, “They asked if we could display our newest Kitfox S7 Super Sport at the independent Rotax® Service and Training Centre booth (SE-014 at the main entrance) at Sun ‘n Fun this year, as a means of demonstrating the long time support Rotax® has provided to both the kit plane and S-LSA end of the light aircraft market.  As one of the most experienced users of the Rotax 9 series engines and manufacturer of both kit and S-LSA airframes using the Rotax® engines, we were honored to be selected as the company to represent Rotax® use in recreational aircraft.”

Mr. McBean is expected to leave his Idaho factory location on March 25, allowing time for meetings with Rotax® staff and a briefing on important announcements that are expected from the Rotax® side of the house.  When asked about the production issues, John responded, “Should I consider it a compliment if my team says they can do just fine without me at the plant?  Seriously, we have taken a good look at the production line and this trip will not impact deliveries.  The opportunity to support our good friends at Rotax® is just too good to pass up.  We hope that Kitfox enthusiast will stop by and say hello.  We may have some surprises to announce and I look forward to greeting folks in person.”

Visit for more information regarding Kitfox Aircraft LLC and their line of both kit and ready-to-fly S-LSA aircraft.

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ATTENTION FLIGHT SCHOOLS! Rotax has news for you!

Contest – Win a 912 iS engine


Rotax Motor 912 iS mit Hintergrund
Gunskirchen, Austria, February 10, 2014 – BRP will donate a Rotax 912 iS engine to the first flight school that achieves the first time between overhauls (TBO) of 2,000 hours on their Rotax 912 iS engine.
It is easy to get entered, all Flight schools must do is register with an authorized Rotax distributor or with the person in charge
of the point of sales in its area.  As soon as the flight school achieves 500, 1,500 and 2,000 flight hours with the Rotax 912 iS engine, it must inform the distributor of registration.  After reaching a TBO of 2,000 hours, the flight school must send a copy of the logbook to the distributor. This logbook must show the 2,000 flight hours.  If the flight hours are documented correctly, the distributor will inform BRP.  If your flight school is the first to reach this milestone, BRP will then donate a new Rotax 912 iS engine in return.  The last step is to return the Rotax 912 iS engine that was used for the 2,000 flight hours to BRP.
For the official release, click here.
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Updated Flat Rate Time Chart for iRMTs!

UPDATED: 2014.10.22

Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC Ltd.) has just posted the new Rotax Flat Rate Time Chart.
The chart assists current independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians (iRMT) when doing Rotax warranty work, by giving them an idea of the how much time is given depending on what section they are working on.

iRMT can get a copy of the chart by going to and clicking on the iSC/iRC docs tab.

Warranty in the USA, Central and South Americas:

Non Certified Aircraft
Some key things to remember:

  • The engine must be registered.  This is free and very simple to do by going to
  • All warranty claims are processed through an independent Service Centre (iSC).  It is important to keep in contact with them as they are there to provide support and direction.   You can contact your local iSC here:
BRAZIL Cruzeiro do Sul Aviação


  • For the labour rate to be valid, the technician must have taken Rotax approved training and hold a current iRMT rating.
  • Warranty time is based on an engine on a work bench.

For complete warranty details, contact your local iSC or go to and download a copy of the warranty agreement.

Certified Aircraft
Please see the Rotech Research Ltd. website:

Warranty in the rest of the World:

Please contact your local distributor.  For a list, please click here: 

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The Rotax 2 Stroke Service Course is for technicians wanting to rebuild or maintain all water-cooled and air-cooled 2-stroke Rotax aircraft engines.  Emphasis is on students being able to perform a complete engine rebuild with failure analysis and a focus on preventative maintenance.  The course will be held February 28 – March 1, 2014.

The Rotax 912 / 914 Service Class is for technicians wanting to Service 912 series engines or owners wanting to do their own scheduled maintenance.  This course will give any FAA A&P or LSA Repairman certificate holder the credentials to perform all scheduled maintenance and level #1 troubleshooting procedures.  This class will be held on March 2-3, 2014.

The Rotax 912 / 914 Maintenance Class is for technicians wanting to perform more in depth maintenance tasks on 912 series engines. The class focuses on troubleshooting faults, removing major components for shipment to heavy maintenance rated technicians, and reassembly.  This class will be held on March 4-5, 2014.

The Rotax 2 Stroke and 912 / 914 Renewal Course is for current iRMT license holders.  The renewal program will cover all new materials released within the past 24 months.  This is the most inexpensive and informative way to get a 24 month extension on your current certification.  The course will be held on March 6, 2014.

The Rotax 912 / 914 Heavy Maintenance Class is designed with professional mechanics in mind looking to make a living as a Rotax repair technician. The class covers a complete field level teardown, inspection, and reassembly. The class will be held on March 7-9, 2014.

All classes will be held in our training facility at the Chino Airport (KCNO).  For detailed information and future schedules for any of these Rotax Classes please visit the CPS website at .  Call us at 1-800-AIRWOLF (247-9653) or at 951-549-7786.




From left to right: Santiago, Lauro and Marcelo


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Rotax releases SB-912-064-UL, SB-912-064, SB-914-045 and SB-914-045-UL

SB912064Today, Rotax released four service bulletins for the 912 and 914 series engines.  These bulletins are serial range specific.

Engine type Serial number
912 UL from S/N 6,770.159 up to S/N 6,770.596 inclusive
912 ULS S/N 6,777.436/
from S/N 6,777.492 up to S/N 6,777.508 inclusive/
S/N 6,777.514/
from S/N 6,777.526 up to S/N 6,777.873 inclusive/
from S/N 6,777.875 up to S/N 6,779.168 inclusive/
from S/N 6,779.170 up to S/N 6,779.581 inclusive/
from S/N 6,779.616 up to S/N 6,779.623 inclusive/
S/N 6,779.679/ S/N 6,779.705/ S/N 6,779.738
914 UL from S/N 6,774.138 up to S/N 6,774.160 inclusive/
from S/N 6,774.165 up to S/N 6,774.172 inclusive/
from S/N 6,774.176 up to S/N 6,774.268 inclusive/
from S/N 6,774.270 up to S/N 6,774.915 inclusive/
S/N 6,774.924/ S/N 6,774.959
912 A from S/N 4,410.884 up to S/N 4,410.940 inclusive
912 F from S/N 4,412.984 up to S/N 4,413.005 inclusive
912 S from S/N 4,924.042 up to S/N 4,924.358 inclusive
914 F from S/N 4,420.965 up to S/N 4,421.088 inclusive
NOTE: Crankshafts with the following serial number (S/N) that were installed or
delivered as spare parts in the above-mentioned engines and short blocks
(from S/N 9999627 up to S/N 9999678 inclusive) are also affected, if removed:
S/N 40232 up to S/N 44338 inclusive

Due to a deviation in the manufacturing process some crankshafts may develop a crack on the power take off side. These cracks can cause breakage of the crankshaft in the support bearing during operation. In this case the function of the support bearings (consisting of 3 main bearings and 2 support bearings) is compromised. The operating reliability, however, is given until the next maintenance.

– During the next mandatory maintenance event, prescribed by BRP, or at the next 100 hours of operation, the checking of the crankshaft journal (power take off side) must be performed on the engines listed in section 1.1) according to the following instructions in section 3. If the engine was operated less than 100 hours of operation during one year, an inspection should also be performed every 12 months.
See also chapter 05-20-00 “Scheduled maintenance checks“ of the current Maintenance Manual (Line) of the respective engine type.
– Periodically at every additional 100 hours of operation, this check of the crankshaft journal (power take off side) has to be performed on the engines listed in section 1.1) according to the following instructions in section 3.
– Up to a TSN of 1000 h this periodic checking of the crankshaft journal (power take off side) must be performed on the engines listed in section 1.1) according to the following instructions in section 3.

NOTE:  In the event of a sudden drop in oil pressure of at least 0.5 bar (7.3 psi) in the same operating point (also within operating limits) the checking of the crankshaft journal (power take off side) must be conducted as soon as possible on the engines listed in section 1.1) according to the following instructions in section 3. This sudden drop in oil pressure can be a symptom of a broken crankshaft journal.

Be sure to download SB-912-064 – this will give technicians detailed directions on how to perform the inspection.

This depends on how the aircraft is registered.

For the checking procedure in:

SLSA (USA) A technician with a current iRMT rating of Service or Higher and either a LSRM or A&P
CERTIFIED A technician with an A&P rating with type specific training (current iRMT Service Level or higher)
EXPERIMENTAL The owner of the aircraft.

Some common sense applies here.  You may be allowed to do the inspection, however if you do not feel comfortable with completing a task, seek professional assistance.  It must be remembered that for maintenance Rotax states ” It is a requirement that all organizations or individuals possess the required special tooling. Technicians must have type-specific training and keep a recurrent knowledge status for the level of work they intend to perform. Technicians may require accreditation from their local aviation authority in addition to any BRP-Powertrain requirements.”

SB-912-064-UL, SB-912-064, SB-914-045, SB-914-045-UL


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_RV83389Today Michael Stock (Stock Flight Systems) and Martin Albrecht (MT Propeller GmbH) introduced a new feature to the already amazing Stock 912iS EMU.  The pavilion was full as they  highlighted the new Rotax 912 iS Single Lever Propeller Governor System.  Ok so not the easiest thing to say, but it is what it does that makes it quite interesting.

Let’s take a look at what it does.  The concept is fairly simple.  You would not drive your motor vehicle around in first gear all the tie, so why would you do that to your aeroplane?  Basically it takes all the advantages of a constant speed propeller, and takes away the complexity by using the FADEC system built into the Stock Flight Systems EMU.  For more info, you can see the presentation notes by clicking here


MT Propeller and Stock Flight Systems introduce single lever control system for the Rotax 912 iS aircraft engine with variable pitch propeller


Rotax® 912 iS (© BRP-Powertrain GmbH)

Oshkosh, Wisconsin (July, 30th, 2013) – MT Propeller and Stock Flight Systems have developed an advanced single lever control system for the Rotax 912 iS aero engine. The new system includes an MT variable pitch propeller, a hydraulic MT governor with electrical interface and the Stock Flight System Engine Management Unit (EMU 912 iS) controlling the governor.
The combination of the Rotax 912 iS engine with the MT in-flight adjustable variable pitch propeller leads to a substantial improvement in terms of thrust and fuel efficiency for 912 iS equipped airplanes, the two companies say. They have already installed the combination in a Tecnam P92 aircraft and started flight tests at an airfield in Austria. The system offers a 100% fail-safe behavior and may be installed in any Rotax 912 iS equipped airplane with minimum effort. The propeller is available as 2-blade or 3-blade, with the hub also produced by MT Propeller. According to the development team, the
system significantly increases flight safety by providing more take-off power and endurance through propeller blade pitch control.


MTV-34-1-A/175-200 Propeller (© MT Propeller GmbH)

In addition to the controlling the variable pitch propeller, the Engine Management Unit features a sophisticated instrument called Power Margin Indicator (PMI). The PMI is displayed together with engine RPM and informs the pilot in real time about the actual power output of the engine, and the maximum power the engine can deliver under the particular environmental conditions (altitude, temperature). This allows the pilot to see the available power reserve at any time, and optimize fuel consumption during cruise flight.
The development team from MT Propeller and Stock Flight Systems will present the new system at Airventure on Friday at 11:30 in Workshop Classroom 2.

See and hear the development team and learn more about the revolutionary Rotax 912 iS single lever propeller control system at Airventure:

Friday at 11:30 in Workshop Classroom 2

stock flight systems EMU

EMU 912iS (© Stock Flight Systems)

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