Information Sessions at AirVenture 2016!

2016-07-18_03-33-00EAA Airventure is just about a week away!  We can’t wait to be there!  The Rotax independent Service and Training Centres booth will be in the same spot of main aircraft display area as last year.  Right at the cross roads of the four hangers in spaces 265, 266 and 267.

New this year will be the two daily information sessions.  The first session from 10am-11am gives a general familiarization of Rotax and their various product lines.  The second session from 1:00pm to 2:00pm is geared more towards builders looking to install the Rotax 912iS Sport engine.

The information sessions are provided at no charge, however seating is limited so please book your space at the booth 265.

Click here for the official press release

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Enstone SSDR Rally, UK

For the third year running the UK has celebrated the de-regulated flying sector under the SSDR (Single Seat DeRegulated) rules of the CAA. Compared to the FAA 103 rules, the aircraft have a bit more flexibility, with MTOW set at 300kg (660lbs), and a stall of less than 35kts. There are no fuel nor speed restrictions but you do need a licence to fly one.

Several SSDR aircraft have managed to fit the Rotax 582 as an option, such as the Merlin ‘Cessna on a diet’ on show. However, many engine are filling the gap left by Rotax in the 50hp and less range, such as the Hirth, Polini, Radne Raket (being used on a twin engine concept aircraft), Rotron Wankel engine, and a range of modified and re-drive engines including VW and Briggs and Stratton. Many folks continue to wish for another Rotax 503 as a power plant, and one wonders if Rotax will revisit this power-range with SSDR and related categories experiencing renewed growth at this time. Skydrive UK continues to hold stock of new Rotax 447 engines from the last production run at Rotax a few years ago.
It was particularly interesting to watch a classic aircraft fly under the power of an old Robin engine on a Pterodactyl ultralight machine. Also at the event, the Belite range of aircraft were introduced to the market in the UK for the first time by Patricia Mawuli Porter of Metal Seagulls. She hinted that they may consider trying the Rotax 582 as an option on a Belite SkyDock in the future.
When it comes to innovation, the lighter end of the aviation market is always surprising!

Belite SkyDock 3 view drawing

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ASB-912-069/ASB-914-051 Alert Service Bulletin Released.

2016-07-15_8-46-29Today, Rotax released an Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) – ASB-912-069/ ASB-914-051. Exchange of floats on ROTAX® Engine Type 912, 914 and
2-stroke (Series)

See the table below for more details:

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First news from AeroExpo in the UK!

The AeroExpo event at Sywell Aerodrome, UK, on the 1st to 3rd July 2016 appered to be aimed mainly at the certified end of the light aviation market, and was less well attended than usual. Brexit and the British weather may have had something to do with that. Regardless, the vendors and visitors remained upbeat.. However, Rotax powered aircraft did find their way onto the field, including the non-certified RTF (Ready To Fly) and homebuilt machines.

Here is a selection of images from the event.

Lambert Mission Specs

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Jonathan and Patricia Porter release first in a series of books…

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEWonderful Adversity: Into Africa

The adventure of overcoming misfortune

Wonderful Adversity: Into Africa is the story of Jonathan, a survivor with extraordinary optimism, honesty and energy. Against the odds, he has positively overcome many life changing challenges.

This story starts with Jonathan being expelled from school. Subsequently, accidents and injuries changed his planned career, resulting in him achieving successes in engineering, building and flying light aircraft, whilst working across continents. However, his path to success is laced with adversity.

Wonderful Adversity is the theme of a series of books, aimed at inspiring and motivating the reader through the authors’ personal experiences woven into a story, of which Wonderful Adversity: Into Africa is the first.

You can purchase this book on Amazon by clicking here:


jp3For those of you that don’t know, Jonathan and Patricia Porter are synonymous with Rotax powered aircraft in Western Africa.   Besides both being contributors to, (No, we didn’t get a pre-read of the book and we have to order our own copy.  Hopefully we can get a signature!) and at one time, the Rotax distributor for West Africa.  Working with an organization called Medicine on the Move ( they have shaped communites and changed many lives.

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Rotax SB-912i-006/ SB-912i-006iS – Mandatory Exchange of the Stator Assembly.

statorchangeRotax has released Service Bulletin SB-912 i-006/006iS.  These bulletins require owners to upgrade the stator on their Rotax 912i and 912iS engines to a new optimized stator assembly.

Before we go into the overview, we must remind you that this is a warranty procedure and the best way to start the upgrade process is to contact your local independent Service Centre (iSC), independent Repair Centre (iRC) or Heavy Maintenance rated iRMT.

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Aero Friedrichshafen 2016

Messehallen-Static Display

Messehallen Aero

Aero Friedrichshafen really is the opening event of the flying year in Europe. All though it is principally a static event, and lacks the pizazz of an airshow per se, it really is the focal point for all thing Aero to kick off another year.

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More from Aero 2016


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First few photos from Aero 2016

1 From the good ol 80Hp

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Van’s Aircraft ships the 1000th RV-12 Kit!

The RV-12 - Ed Hicks. RV-12 SLSA. Van's Aircraft.

The RV-12

Van’s Aircraft has shipped the 1,000th RV-12 kit, making it one of the most successful light sport aircraft to hit the market since its introduction in 2008.

Van’s said it has shipped 937 RV-12 kit empennage packages, plus a number of fly-away S-LSA RV-12s built at the company factory in Oregon.

More than 400 RV-12s are flying, representing a completion rate of 40 percent, considered excellent by home-building standards.

It takes around 700-900 man-hours to complete an RV-12 kit. Kit price is $67,070 including the 100hp Rotax 912ULS engine. The factory-built S-LSA RV-12 sells for around $120,000.


Aircraft Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions
Span 26’ 9”
Length 19’ 11”
Height 8′ 4″
Wing Area 127 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 740 lbs
Gross Weight 1320 lbs
Wing Loading
(gross weight)
10.4 lbs/sq. ft.
Power Loading
(gross weight)
13.2 lbs/hp
Engine Rotax 912ULS
Propeller Sensenich Composite ground adjustable
Fuel Capacity 20 US gallons
Cabin Width 43”
Baggage 50 lbs




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