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Aircraft Spruce Acquires California Power Systems

Aviation powerhouse Aircraft Spruce (officially Irwin International Inc.) announced it had recently completed agreements to buy California Power Systems (CPS)( the Rotax independent Service Centre for the western USA); both are California-based enterprises. This shows what CPS had accomplished through 30 years in business but it also shows that Aircraft Spruce remains committed to Light-Sport Aircraft, by far the largest users of the Austrian engine.  For the complete article, please click this link to the Dan Johnson article.

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Released by Rotax® today, is a revision of their Selection of Suitable Operating Fluids Service Instruction.
Coming fresh from the RFSC/iSC booth at AirVenture 2011, this SI answers probably one of the most frequently asked question of the airshow.  What fluids should I use in my Rotax® aircraft engine?  Is there a right oil?  What about if I am using 100LL? If these items are on your mind then this article is for you.  First, you can download this SI, just by clicking on it’s picture in the top left.  Give it a good read.

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Rotax releases new Service Bulletin on crankshaft flywheel washers.

SB-912-058ULToday Rotax released a new set of new Service Bulletins for the type 9 series engines.  The issue found was a hardness problem with the crankshaft protection washer under the bolt and locking washer holding the flywheel in place.  Given that Rotax wishes to ensure no problems will be seen in the flied they have decided to replace all washers that were in that lot of materials.  This then is only applicable to a serial range of engines and will not affect older engines or any newer ones after that serial range.

4 bulletins were released, 2 for the certified engines, the type 912S series and the 914F series.  2 additional bulletins were released for the 912UL series and the 914UL series.  Technicians doing the replacements will want to make sure they refer to the correct bulletin, to attain the serial range that is to receive the SB modification.  New parts are already being distributed and many of the engines affected were still in the inventories of the Rotax Aircraft Engines distributors.

Owners and Rotax iRMT ( independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians), are reminded to check the engine log books and verify if the engine has already complied to the bulletin, as a large number were done at the distributor level prior to supply to the OEM and customers.  If the part change must be done on an engine in the field the log book must have an entry to indicate that the serial involved has been done in compliance with the bulletin.

The Rotax network of distributors and independent Service Centres will have details of any warranty coverage, should replacement of the washer be needed.  Contact your service provider if you have questions or do not understand the bulletin.


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New Source for Rotax Aircraft Engine Owners to Find Service Providers

Rotax Flying & Safety Club has completed updates to the web pages of RFSC Rotax iRMT (independent Rotax Maintenance Technician) currently trained for work on the BRP-Powertrain®, Rotax® brand, aircraft engines.  The website is www.RotaxiRMT.com

Over the past 3 years the Rotax® requirements of worldwide training of technicians to uniform standards has been lead by RFSC, Ltd.  RFSC now has added an important tool to assist owners in locating technicians who can perform service, maintenance and heavy maintenance work. The network of iRMT trained by RFSC is the largest in the world and growing each month.  Currently some 500 individuals are listed that comply with the standards for iRMT.  Owners only need to do a search of the city or state where they reside, or need service in, and they can locate the nearest qualified iRMT who can help.  Each iRMT is listed with their qualifications. Only current technicians can be found on the site as each iRMT is required to maintain their rating by recurrent training every 24 months.

In addition, the web pages will give contact information on the locations of more than 65 independent Repair Centres.  These facilities are authorised by their respective regional Rotax® independent Service Centres and meet standards that parallel FAR part 145 Repair Stations.

RFSC Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas, is comprised of 8 independent training centres.  Each works under guidelines from RFSC that comply with the Rotax® standards for iRMT training.   The founder of RFSC, Eric Tucker, has over 44 years of experience with Rotax® and more than 28 years working with their aviation engines.  In the past 3 years, since the beginning of the iRMT programme, RFSC Instructors have issued over 1700 specialty ratings to some 900 participants.  

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Whether you are looking for that romantic getaway or just want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the government of the Bahamas wants to let you know they welcome LSA aircraft and pilots on to their islands.  That was the message from  Mike Zidziunas of Breezer Aircraft USA and Greg Rolle from the government of the Bahamas.  Mike Z has been very enthusiastic about flying from Florida to New Providence and many other islands ever since it was announced that the Bahamian government had relaxed some of it’s laws to allow LSA aircraft owners to come and enjoy the islands.  In fact, he has flown his Rotax powered Breezer Aircraft (Click Here) to the islands so many times and arranged many group flights, that he is now the official LSA ambassador for the Bahamas.  Mike Z says because of the fuel efficiency of the  Rotax engine, it allows him to get into the smaller islands where fuel is not as freely available.

Both gentlemen gave a very interesting presentation to LSA owners on what was required to fly internationally, over the open water and what paperwork and steps were involved.  For more information and some amazing videos, click here.



In a January 12th press release, Piper announced that it has discontinued it’s relationship with Czech Aircraft Works.

With that in mind we contacted local representatives for ROTAX engines and asked them for their thoughts.  We were pleased by their quick response.  Basically any PiperSport owner, whose engine falls within the warranty period will still be covered by the independent Rotax Service Centre’s (iSC).  For a list of iSC locations, please click here.

This is indeed good news for PiperSport owners.


EAA’s Earl Lawrence to Join FAA Leadership Team

Earl Lawrence

October 13, 2010 — Earl Lawrence, who has been a part of the EAA staff since 1994 in government advocacy roles, will be departing EAA on Nov. 1 to become Manager of the FAA’s Small Airplane Directorate in Kansas City. Lawrence’s new FAA duties will include development of airworthiness standards, policy and guidance for small aircraft (airplanes, gliders, airships and lighter-than-air); administer type, production and airworthiness certification, in addition to the continued operational safety for the general aviation aircraft. He will also manage the budget, personnel and training for the Small Airplane Directorate which covers a large geographic area from Alaska to Florida.

Click here to link the EAA website for more information.

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Selection of Suitable Operating Fluids

Rotax released a Service Instruction (SI-912-016 R3 and SI-914-019 R3) regarding the selection of of operating fluids. Click here to read the Adobe PDF file.

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Use of non-approved parts on Rotax Aircraft Engines

Rotax issued a Service Letter (SL-2ST-008_912-014_914-012_R3) today about the use of non-approved parts on Rotax aircraft engines.  Click here to read the Service Letter.
This is important for those of owners and technicians contemplating after-market parts.

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Revision to the Parts Catalog for the Rotax 912 and 914 Engines

Rotax announced a minor revision to the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) for the 912 and 914 engines.  The Rotax Flying and Safety Club posted this new link today.

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