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REVISION OF ASB-912-061 and ASB-912-061-UL

Rotax has released a revision to ASB-912-061 and ASB-912-061UL regarding the replacement of the pressure side fuel hose at fuel pump part no. 893114 for ROTAX engine type 912 (Series).

ASB-912-061 (certified engines)
ASB-912-061-UL (non certified engines)

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ASB 912-061 and ASB 912-061UL

ASB 912-061 and ASB 912-061UL
(see serial number range for certified and non-certified)

NOTE:  This ASB only affects some hoses supplied by Rotax, it is serial number specific.

Alert Service Bulletin released from Rotax on limited number of fuel lines supplied with fuel pumps.

Rotax has released an Alert on a select group of fuel lines found with the 893114 fuel pumps.  This was due to reports of some rubber debris coming from the inside covering of the fuel lines that could possibly contaminate the carburetion jetting.  Since it is a safety of flight issues any aircraft with the affected pump that is within that range must be grounded until a suitable line is fitted to the pump.  Currently the distributors are waiting for the notice of when appropriate spare parts will be shipped to supply for the affected engines.

Warranty for any affected line will be covered as long as the engine is registered.  For engines not yet installed there will be a special format that can be done to get an exchange hose.  Customers and maintenance providers will be required to return the old line to obtain credit for the replacement hose.

Each distributor will provide details of the programs via their respective service networks.  As this ASB develops www.Rotaxnews.net will keep you informed of the progress of parts supply.



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Interview with Michael Stock – Inventor of the CANaerospace protocol and the new 912iS EMU.

Photo: William Burgher

Michael Stock

RNN:It is an honor to be able to sit down and talk to the inventor on the CANaerospace Protocol, Mr. Michael Stock. Thank you and welcome to Sun-n-Fun 2012!
MS: No thank you.  It is great to be here.
RNN: Let’s start off with the basics. What is a CAN Bus?
MS: The CAN Bus like many other serial databuses combines data on one end and serializes it and sends it over the bus at a very high speed so it can be re-tracked on the other end. Basically it is there to save wires. If we were to transmit information on dedicated wires we would have a huge bundle. And the Bus actually reduces that to two wires and the information is transferred over the bus in a serialized format.
RNN: So this gives a a great weight saving and a simpler installation?
MS: Exactly.
RNN: Can you give us a brief history on the CANaerospace Protocol?
MS: I am an electronics engineer and I became employed with a company called Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm in the mid 80’s. I started to work on the helicopter flight controls division of what is now known as Eurocopter. And at that time we were not using many data busses, simply cause there were not to many available in the aviation world. Around that time, 1985, Bosch came up with a data bus that was originally designed for automotive use, call the Controller Area Network, or CAN bus.

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912 iS Promotional Video

BRP released it’s 912iS promotional video.

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Stock Flight Systems introduces Engine Management Unit for the new Rotax® 912iS aircraft engine.

Farchach, Germany (March, 12th, 2012) – Stock Flight Systems has successfully flight tested the Engine Management Unit for BRP’s new Rotax® 912iS aero engine. The 4-cylinder, 100HP engine was officially introduced to OEMs, media and distributors invited for the event at the BRP-Powertrain factory in Gunskirchen on March 8th, 2012. In addition to being the most fuel efficient aircraft engine for ultra-light and light sport aircraft, the new Rotax® 912iS also features a dual redundant electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU).

The EMU 912iS of Stock Flight Systems communicates with the redundant CANaerospace data bus interface of the ECU and provides the pilot with all engine indications. The functionality includes continuous monitoring of the network health status, and the indication of all ECU generated warning and status messages. An optional fuel pressure sensor is included in the data display.

The EMU 912iS software automatically records all ECU messages transmitted on the redundant Rotax® 912iS CANaerospace networks for the entire engine lifetime. An integrated, front panel accessible SDHC interface is used for data acquisition storage, system configuration information and software upgrades.

Included with the EMU 912iS is the Engine Monitoring Debriefing System (EMDS) software, a powerful toolbox which uses the data files recorded on the EMU 912iS SDHC card. Among other features, EMDS allows data visualization and replay in engineering formats and the export of the data into other formats.

The 4Hz GPS/Galileo sensor of the EMU 912iS adds time correlated satellite data to the engine data recording, allowing to generate performance data from the combination of engine data with position, ground speed, height and time. Flight paths together with engine data can be visualized using Google Earth.

The EMU 912iS has been successfully flight tested at altitudes of up to 18.000ft, and temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius.

About Stock Flight Systems

Stock Flight Systems has been established in 1993 as an aerospace industry support company and has focused on the development and integration of flight data acquisition, recording and inflight test and control systems for aeronautical applications. As a service to customers, Stock Flight Systems also performs flight testing of sensor systems and data communication and processing equipment and is a partner in international aeronautical research programs. Projects already successfully completed by Stock Flight Systems include inflight test and control systems, test stands and flight simulator cockpit equipment. The products of Stock Flight Systems are designed to operate in harsh environments and can be qualified to highest standards.

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