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First few photos from Aero 2016

1 From the good ol 80Hp

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Rotax releases soft start wiring option in electric modules.

For all the 80hp/115hp engine owners out there that have been asking for a soft start option, your requests have been answered.

Depending on the type of module you have, you might be able to replace your old module with a new soft start one.  You can purchase this module from your independent Service Centre  (iSC).  The part number is 965444.

If you own a:

912UL starting with engine serial number 4410999 or higher,

912A (certified) starting with engine serial number 4413022 or higher,

912F (certified) starting with engine serial number 6771109 pr higher,

You can use the module with part number 965444 whether you want the soft start feature or not.  Engines with older serial number must use 965446.

Under Rotax guidelines this module should only be replaced by a iRMT with a Maintenance rating or higher.

Please contact your local iRMT or your iSC for more information and pricing.

For more technical details and some Q&A – please click below.

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Welcome to the World of Rotax!

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(Left to right) Uwe Nickelsen (Argentina), Eric Tucker (Instructor), William Burgher (Administration), Jae Pil Kim (Korea), Jorge Tavio (USA), Luis Gallo (Colombia), Woo Jin Kim (Korea), Kevin Kane (USA), Mario D'Amico (Argentina), Roger Lee (USA), Marcelo Verinaud (Brazil)

(Left to right) Uwe Nickelsen (LSA Service – Ecuador), Eric Tucker (RFSC, Ltd.- Bahamas), William Burgher (RFSC, Ltd. – Bahamas), Jae Pil Kim (Chodang University – Korea), Jorge Tavio (Kodiak Research – Bahamas ), Luis Gallo (LAG Ultralight – Colombia), Woo Jin Kim (Chodang University – Korea), Kevin Kane (California Power Systems – USA), Mario D’Amico (Ultralight SRL – Argentina), Roger Lee (California Power Systems – USA), Marcelo Verinaud (Cruzerio Do Sul – Brazil)

(Nassau, Bahamas) RFSC Ltd. wishes to congratulate all the attendees of the Instructor Development course held in Nassau, Bahamas. The program was held from May 18 to the 21 with intensive practice sessions to improve presentation skills, work with the RFSC materials and administration guidelines for training. The course had an international flavour, with instructor candidates from 3 continents attending.

Rotax Flying and Safety Club, with approval from both the distributor and Rotax (Austria) has been offering an instructor development programme since it’s inception.  For more information on the training courses offered by the RFSC, please go to www.RotaxFlyingClub.com .  For Rotax owners looking for a current technician (iRMT Technicians must have their training renewed every two years) you can find a map and list at www.RotaxiRMT.com.



We draw all 9 series Rotax Aircraft Engine users attention to the details in the bulletins SB-912-066 / SB-914-047 and SB-912-066UL / SB-914-047UL (http://flyrotax.com/portaldata/5/dokus/d05838.pdf and http://flyrotax.com/portaldata/5/dokus/d06001.pdf). These bulletins highlight important changes for new engines (see the relevant serial numbers in the bulletins), and also in regards to those who may have changed a cylinder head on an older engine (the new Cylinder heads entered the market on engines and as spares from early 2013).

Rotax has now introduced the new cylinder head configuration as standard on new 9 series engines, but it should be noted that this type is also compatible with older engines – and the two types may co-exist on the same engine as a result of maintenance or overhaul.  However, because the temperature probe on the new configuration is no longer in the cylinder head material, but now sits in the coolant itself, there is a required change in the way we refer to and measure that temperature.  The allowable temperature range for the probe in that position, as well as the naming of the indicating instrument on your aircraft, should you have the new cylinder type on your engine may now be different.   i.e. for those with the new cylinder head configuration and probes, it is no longer ‘Cylinder Head Temperature’ that is being reported, but ‘Coolant Temperature’, this should be reflected in instrument naming.

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Gunskirchen, July 8, 2014 – BRP transfers distribution of Rotax Aircraft Engines in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland to CFS Aeroproducts (CFS) starting December 3rd,
2014.  Established in the UK in 1994, CFS Aeroproducts Ltd is a CAA Annexe 2, EASA and FAA Part 145 approved company. It was bought in January 2012 by new investors who injected significant capital not only to refurbish and modernize the Coventry factory but to enable the company to stock rotable propellers and engines to ensure fast track turnaround for its clients.
CFS has a tradition of providing a quality service to support a wide range of aircraft operators, from private pilots through to regional airlines.  The range of capabilities has been extended and refined to support engine and propeller repair and overhaul, NDT Level 3, landing gear, instruments and accessories. They hold approvals to undertake propeller overhaul, propeller repair and AD compliance for a wide range of propellers.  The CFS engine section has significant experience of aircraft engine repair and overhaul in high performance and bespoke kit engines, radials, inline, flat and turbine engines. Their facility has a designated engine section with individual servicing zero-timing work bays and separate test rigs for testing and run-in of all engine types that CFS offer
services for.
CFS undertakes a wide range of Level 3 NDT with qualified technicians carrying out Eddy Current (ECI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI).
“We are looking forward to further improve our network and support for pilots and professionals in the UK, Ireland and Iceland. The cooperation with CFS will ensure
excellent service for all users of certified and non-certified Rotax Aircraft engines,” stated Marc Becker, manager, Rotax Aircraft Business.
BRP-Powertrain would like to thank Skydrive Ltd. and its team for their more than three decades long support and wishes all the best and success for their upcoming projects.

Skydrive Ltd. will remain authorized distributor for Rotax Aircraft Engines in the UK, Ireland and Iceland until December 3rd, 2014 and the new distributor CFS Aeroproducts
Ltd. will be appointed with effect as of the same date.


AERO 2014: A Strong Showing for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen

AERO 2013Friedrichshafen – The countdown is on: with some 600 exhibitors and even more enhancements, AERO 2014 will strengthen its position as Europe’s largest trade fair for general aviation. From ultralights to multi-engine business jets, from helicopters to gyrocopters, the full spectrum will be featured in Friedrichshafen. Highlights include the “e?flight expo” with electrically propelled aircraft, the “Engine Area” dedicated exhibition, and the “Avionics Avenue” specialty zone. Drones for civilian use will also attract plenty of interest. Here, the trade fair team will turn the spotlight on the “UAS/RPAS Expo” (Unmanned Aerial Systems), a joint exhibition at AERO that focuses on these new devices.

Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO project leader Roland Bosch are very pleased AERO 2014 has already seen brisk bookings for exhibition space. General aviation includes all civilian, non-military aircraft, except for commercial airliners. According to EU figures, over 200,000 powered aircraft, ultralights and gliders are registered within the territory of the European Union alone. Once again, this international trade fair on Lake Constance will cover the wide spectrum of this sector almost completely. “AERO is Europe’s leading trade fair in this sector,” says Roland Bosch, who is certain that every top manufacturer will be represented once more in Friedrichshafen.

Four special spotlight zones will be featured at AERO 2014. The “e?flight expo” is the longest running one, now taking place for the sixth time, showcasing alternative propulsion systems under the motto “Electrical, Ecological, Evolutionary”. The “e?flight expo” may get an extra thrust from the scheduled first appearance of the revolutionary Volocoptor, made by the e-Volo company of Karlsruhe. While a model of this electrically driven 18-rotor helicopter was exhibited at AERO in 2013, the Volocopter prototype will be featured in 2014, if permitted by flight trials this spring. This futuristic rotorcraft had its first flight in November 2013, attracting great attention.

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Updated Flat Rate Time Chart for iRMTs!

UPDATED: 2014.10.22

Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC Ltd.) has just posted the new Rotax Flat Rate Time Chart.
The chart assists current independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians (iRMT) when doing Rotax warranty work, by giving them an idea of the how much time is given depending on what section they are working on.

iRMT can get a copy of the chart by going to http://rotaxflyingclub.com/search/tech_doc and clicking on the iSC/iRC docs tab.

Warranty in the USA, Central and South Americas:

Non Certified Aircraft
Some key things to remember:

  • The engine must be registered.  This is free and very simple to do by going to http://www.rotaxflyingclub.com/registration/engine
  • All warranty claims are processed through an independent Service Centre (iSC).  It is important to keep in contact with them as they are there to provide support and direction.   You can contact your local iSC here:
CENTRAL USA LEADING EDGE AIR FOILS http://www.leadingedge-airfoils.com/
LATIN AMERICA LAG ULTRALIGHT http://lagultralight.com/
BRAZIL Cruzeiro do Sul Aviação http://www.cdsav.com.br
ARGENTINA ULTRALIGHT URL http://www.ultralight.com.ar/


  • For the labour rate to be valid, the technician must have taken Rotax approved training and hold a current iRMT rating.
  • Warranty time is based on an engine on a work bench.

For complete warranty details, contact your local iSC or go to http://flyrotax.com and download a copy of the warranty agreement.

Certified Aircraft
Please see the Rotech Research Ltd. website:  http://www.rotec.com

Warranty in the rest of the World:

Please contact your local distributor.  For a list, please click here:  http://rotax2011.kunden3.abm.at/dealerlocator/start.php 

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DSC_0024Business partners Michael Stock of Stock Flight Systems and Wolfgang Reiser of Reiser Systemtechnik were at the booth today showing off their second generation EMU for the 912 iS.  The Stock Flight Systems EMU seems to currently have the best interface between the engine computer and display for the pilot. The new version provides additional features, less weight and smaller mechanical dimensions.

The new EMU contains hardware and software to drive a constant speed propeller and revolutionizes the world of engine monitoring by introducing the Power Margin Indicator gauge which informs the pilot about the maximum power of his engine under the given environmental conditions.

RS Aerotech, Ltd. of Nassau, Bahamas is now the marketing and sales organization supplying North America, South America and Canada with the EMU 912iS. For all the latest news, have a look at the RS Aerotech website (www.rs-aerotech.com).  The website also provides quick access to all relevant documents and software for the EMU 912iS.

Click here for the press release.

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