ASB 912-061 and ASB 912-061UL
(see serial number range for certified and non-certified)

NOTE:  This ASB only affects some hoses supplied by Rotax, it is serial number specific.

Alert Service Bulletin released from Rotax on limited number of fuel lines supplied with fuel pumps.

Rotax has released an Alert on a select group of fuel lines found with the 893114 fuel pumps.  This was due to reports of some rubber debris coming from the inside covering of the fuel lines that could possibly contaminate the carburetion jetting.  Since it is a safety of flight issues any aircraft with the affected pump that is within that range must be grounded until a suitable line is fitted to the pump.  Currently the distributors are waiting for the notice of when appropriate spare parts will be shipped to supply for the affected engines.

Warranty for any affected line will be covered as long as the engine is registered.  For engines not yet installed there will be a special format that can be done to get an exchange hose.  Customers and maintenance providers will be required to return the old line to obtain credit for the replacement hose.

Each distributor will provide details of the programs via their respective service networks.  As this ASB develops will keep you informed of the progress of parts supply.