We have have been getting several reoccurring questions:

How much is it?
Pricing is currently not available.  Bear in mind the the following:
– The iS comes standard with the electric fuel pump pack, ASTM qualified, to the fire requirements.
– The iS also has a complete exhaust system.
– The iS has a Rotax ring mount.
– The iS incorporates an air-box on the engine.
– The iS has a 430 charging system dedicated to the airframe side (430/13.7=32 amps) which is double the  size of the current ULS. (so no real need for external alternator)

Can I retro-fit the injection to the engine?
NO, it is a new engine with new block, crankshaft, ignition to name a few parts.  More than 60% of the parts in the iS have new part numbers or are newly created just for this engine.

Can I retro-fit this into my existing aircraft?
Perhaps, but the recommended method is to have the OEM, (airframe producer) proof the first installation and make the recommendation.  The fuel system and electrical system have significant differences.

When is it available?
Some engines will be coming soon, currently the ones on hand are for OEM to do first installations and proof the airframe.  Serial production starts in a few months.

Can I still get the 912ULS?
YES, the iS engine is an addition to the fleet, not a replacement.  In some cases this engine may not suit the aircraft.  In some cases the additional cost is not desirable.  (low cost kit buyers may wish to keep the kit prices as low as possible.)

What fuel does it require?
The same fuel as used in the standard ULS is acceptable, min. 91 octane AKI rating.  E10 fuel with the same knock rating is also acceptable and 100LL is acceptable.

Owners will require specialized instruments for the installation, these will be available shortly.  Details will be ready by Sun n Fun.

Remember – keep checking http://www.flyrotax.com for new information.