Rotax released an Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) today.  This ASB is a mandate to check for proper torquing on the oil pump bolts, in a specified range of engines.
Let’s have a look at a few key points:

Q. How many engines does this ASB affect?
A. Well if you purchased your engine in the US, South or Central America’s there will be very few owners affected.  According to the distributor, there are only 2 engines in their area that have been affected.  One of those was still in storage.  If you bought an aircraft from outside this region, please check the ASB.  The range of the affected engines is:
For the 912 U – L from S/N 6,770.461 up to S/N 6,770.462 inclusive
For the 912 ULS from S/N 6,778.908 up to S/N 6,778.932 inclusive/6,778.934 up to 6,778.958 inclusive/6,779.478 up to 6,779.502/6,779.504 up to 6,779.511
For the 914 UL from S/N 6,774.704 up to S/N 6,774.733 inclusive/6,774.861 up to 6,774.869 inclusive.

Q. What does an owner do if he has an engine in this range?
A. This question is easier to answer in point form:
1. They must first make sure his engine is registered.  Any independent Service Centre (iSC) can help him/her with this.
2. To do this check in the United States, on an Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA), an independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) with an Light Sport Repairman (LSRM) or  Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate is required.

Q. What are the steps involved in the check?
A. There are two important parts.  The first is the check and the second is what must be done if an under torqued bolt is found.
1. All affected engines must have the torque values checked.  Please check the bulletin for torque values and procedure.  If the values are correct, an entry must be made in the log book and a copy submitted to an iSC. No further action is required.  If an iRMT performs this test, an allowance of 1/2 an hour labour is given, as well as USD$20.00 for the processing.  Your iSC will be able to help you with this.
2. If the torque value is not correct, there are two options:
a) If the bolts are loose and NO oil has leaked to the outside, re-torque to the value in the ASB and claim as in point 1.
b) If the bolts are loose and it has leaked oil while the engine was running, then the iRMT must follow the procedure as outlined in the ASB and claim accordingly.

Q. When must the this check be done?
A. This check must be done BEFORE NEXT FLIGHT.  No ferry permit is allowed.  The processing must be done before April 1st, 2012.

Your iSC is has the staff and knowledge to assist owners if they have any questions.