Flying the Bahamas in an AirCam is one of the most sensational flying experiences you will ever have. There are numerous white, sandy, uninhabited beaches to fly and the color of the water is intoxicating. You can fly these islands a hundred times in a regular airplane and still not know what you are missing until to do it in an AirCam. It is incredible and one of my favorite places to aviate AirCam style. 

If you already own an AirCam on floats or wheels try to make this trip. If you have been wondering what it would be like to own an AirCam then come join us at Stella Maris on Long Island, Bahamas. Whether you fly out in a conventional aircraft or pick up a charter from Nassau, there are several ways to make the trip. We will arrive at Stella Maris the afternoon of Saturday, Feb 2nd and depart the morning of Feb 6th. Each evening our group gets together for dinner. Owners enjoy the camaraderie and social time as we share our experiences and common love of aviation and AirCam flying in particular. 

Our Adventure begins on the afternoon of Thursday Jan 31st, when we will meet at Witham Field in Stuart FL (KSUA). All AirCam owners should arrive in time to fuel before dinner so as to be ready for a 7:00 am departure the following morning. The Stuart Jet center is open from 6:00 am till 10:00 pm daily and will arrange for our group tie down area so plan to fuel with them. 772-288-6700 

If you have planning questions, arrive early and join us for dinner at the Pirate’s Cove Resort and Marina. We will have a planning session at 6:00 pm followed by a group dinner. This is also where our group will spend the night. Pirates Cove Resort and Marina 772-287-2500. Rooms are blocked under Lockwood Aircraft/AirCam at $99 per night while they last. 

We will depart for Freeport (MYGF) at 7:00 am Friday morning where we will clear Bahamas customs and take on fuel. Plan to bring a snack for lunch to save time. From there we will depart for Marsh Harbour (MYAM) where we will gather for dinner and spend the night at the Abaco Beach Resort and Marina. 

Call: 877-533-4799 | 242-367-2158 for reservations.


Saturday morning, Feb 2nd, we will depart Marsh Harbour for North Eleuthera (MYEH) where we will stop and take on Fuel. From there we plan to fly to New Bight (MYCB) on Cat island where, time permitting, we will stop for lunch at the beautiful Fernandez Bay Village Resort located near the New Bight airport. From there we will fly on to our destination, Stella Maris on Long Island (MYLS).

We will base out of here Saturday afternoon through Wednesday morning departure. Hotel and Villa accommodations at the Stella Maris resort. 

Ask for Jill at 242-338-2050 or 


They are offering us a 20% discount on room rates plus the $300 per plane credit (for pilots who fly out in their own aircraft) at checkout with a 4 night stay. A rental aircraft would also qualify for the per plane discount. We plan to check in on the 2nd and check out on the 6th. Wednesday, Feb 6th we will depart for FL via San Andros (MYAN) where we will fuel, call US customs and file our flight plans. Flying back to the US is normally aided by the easterly winds that are typical this time of year. 

Stella is located within a relatively short flight of many great AirCam destinations. Each day, weather permitting, we will make a day trip to one of the local islands. We will also make a trip to the Blue Hole, which is located on Long Island. Known as Dean’s Blue Hole, it’s a favorite dive spot surrounded by shallow clear water and a white sandy beach. The hole is 663’ deep. 

Some FBOs in the Bahamas charge extra to use a credit card for fuel. The FBO at Stella Maris charges 5.5% for credit cards. Stella will take a check written on a US bank or USD cash, which will avoid the 5.5% card charge. Cash is handy in the Bahamas and you will also need it to pay customs arrival and departure fees. The FBO at San Andros will take credit cards for fuel with no additional charge. 

 You will need a current passport and a customs sticker for your aircraft. If you don’t have a current, 2019 US customs sticker you can apply for one on line at It’s okay if you don’t receive your customs sticker before the trip. In this case print a copy of your receipt to use to file EAPIS and for US customs. Bring the printed receipt with you if you have not received the US customs sticker before departure. 

Cell service in the Bahamas is generally quite good with Verizon and AT&T. Check to see if you have an international plan and understand charges ahead of the trip. AT&T and Verizon offer an unlimited voice, data and text plan for an additional $10 for each 24 hour period you use it. If you leave your phone in airplane mode and use only the wireless at the hotel you won’t be charged. 

Make sure your AirCam is in good condition. Check your maintenance records to be sure your oil change will be good for the entire trip. You should not exceed 50 hours on an oil change when using 100LL. Good tires that are properly inflated are also important. 

Bring a Claw tie down. It’s not a bad idea to bring two so you will have a spare. These are the only tie downs that work on the Bahamas due to the hard ground. We will bring a hammer drill with appropriate concrete drill bits to aid AirCam owners in putting in your tie downs. Lockwood Aviation Supply sells the claw tie down system for $99.95 per set. 

You will also need a USCG approved life vest for each person on board when flying in the Bahamas. We recommend the inflatable type, which are comfortable to wear. These can also be purchased at Lockwood Aviation Supply.