There are so many people behind the scenes that make the EAA AirVenture experience come to life each year.  The Rotax iSC/TC booth in spaces 265-267, is a prime example of how important teamwork is.
Phase 1 was started many months ago by the good folks at ArenaAmericas.  Today, Phase 2 arrived.  If you have been viewing this site, you will already know that there will be two information session daily at the Rotax iSC/TC booth. (Note: The info sessions are free, but seating is limited, so please sign up early.) Well, to make this happen, the crew from ModSpace rocked up with this amazing 60′ trailer.  Matt, Nadja, Andrew and Jesus were are critical to making this work so well.

Here is the classroom just after it’s arrival this morning:

As I mentioned at the start of this article, there are so many people that make this show a success each year.  What is a classroom without AC and a TV?  Steve and electrical team from EAA was on hand to get it all hooked up:


Phase 3 was also started today.  The crew from South Mississippi Light Aircraft showed up with all the goodies for the inside of the booth.  They setup the floor and started unloading all those shiny new engines and displays.  Thanks to Ronnie, Morris and Liam for all your hard work!


It becomes a very busy little place during the setup:


Every other vendor booth has the same sort of thing going on.  One of the spaces that caught our attention (not sure why ….)


Yep the folks over at the Ford booth had this little number on display.

Yes it takes a whole lot of people to make this happen…