statorchangeRotax has released Service Bulletin SB-912 i-006/006iS.  These bulletins require owners to upgrade the stator on their Rotax 912i and 912iS engines to a new optimized stator assembly.

Before we go into the overview, we must remind you that this is a warranty procedure and the best way to start the upgrade process is to contact your local independent Service Centre (iSC), independent Repair Centre (iRC) or Heavy Maintenance rated iRMT.

There are 3 iSC in the United States.  These are California Power Systems ( located in Chino, California. Leading Edge Air Foils ( located in Lyons, Wisconsin and Lockwood Aviation Supply ( located in Sebring, Florida.

If you live in Brazil, please contact CRUZEIRO DO SUL ( they have facilities in São Paulo, Campinas, Botucatu and Rio Grande Do Sul.

For Latin America, please contact LAG Ultralight, ( located in Medellin, Colombia.

For Argentina, please contact Ultralight (

For a map of that will show you the closest iSC/iRC or iRMT to your location, please go to

SB-912i-006/006iS Overview

Download SB-912i-006 for certified engines here.
Download SB-912i-006iS for non-certified engines here.

Rotax feels that “Due to one or more influencing factors, there might be an increased thermal load at the cable connections of the stator assembly, which may consequently lead to a failure of generator B.”

They would like owners to complete this upgrade within the next 100 hours of operation, but no later than 6 months from today.  However, if you are currently experiencing ECU warning lamps showing an error by deviations of the voltage or indicating instrument shows deviations of the voltage and/or smelling abnormal odors) the stator is located as error cause, a replacement before the next flight must be performed.

This work must be completed by a current iRMT (independent Rotax Maintenance Technician) that has a HEAVY MAINTENANCE rating or Higher.  Again you can find this at