For all the 80hp/115hp engine owners out there that have been asking for a soft start option, your requests have been answered.

Depending on the type of module you have, you might be able to replace your old module with a new soft start one.  You can purchase this module from your independent Service Centre  (iSC).  The part number is 965444.

If you own a:

912UL starting with engine serial number 4410999 or higher,

912A (certified) starting with engine serial number 4413022 or higher,

912F (certified) starting with engine serial number 6771109 pr higher,

You can use the module with part number 965444 whether you want the soft start feature or not.  Engines with older serial number must use 965446.

Under Rotax guidelines this module should only be replaced by a iRMT with a Maintenance rating or higher.

Please contact your local iRMT or your iSC for more information and pricing.

For more technical details and some Q&A – please click below.

The details:


If your module looks like this, the new part number is 965446.  Note: this does not have the soft start circuit.  Because of the wire lengths and connectors it would be difficult to upgrade to the new module, but not impossible.


ALL 912 UL, 912 A, 912 F, 912 ULS, 912 S, 914 UL
and 914 F engines WITHOUT soft start device
CAN be used as replacement for 966727, 966729,
965444 but without soft start function
If you don’t want to change connectors, order 965442.  This will not have soft start features.


ALL 912 UL, 912 A, 912 F, 912 ULS, 912 S, 914 UL
and 914 F engines WITH soft start device
CAN be used as replacement for 966726, 966728,
965442. Without connection of soft start it works like
966726, 966728, 965442

If you use a 965444 to replace a 965442 you will have to exchange your connectors to fit your wiring harness.

Questions and Answers:

  1. So are 966444 and 966442 interchangeable? 
    YES, and also 966727, 966728, 966729,……. ALL SMD modules are interchangeable. You can use a module with soft start function but without connecting the soft start wire. Then it works like a normal module without soft start.
    So 966727, 966729 or 965444 are the “universal” modules which can be used as a replacement for engines with 966726, 966728 and 965442
  2. We can’t substitute a 6X6 pin and 6X4 pin part number can we?
    In principle it is possible. You need the 6 pole connectors of the new modules and crimp it on the 6×4 module.  Some of the wires are not long enough however.