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SEAREY ATD on display at the Rotax iService and Training Centres Booth (SE15)

Photo: Eric TuckerLakeland (FL), 04/04/2017 – RS Aerotech of Nassau/Bahamas, Progressive Aerodyne Searey of Tavares/Florida and MT Propeller of Straubing/Germany have teamed up and created the Searey Advanced Technology Demonstrator (Searey ATD). The combined land/seaplane is certified in the experimental category and will be used for long time testing of new engines, propellers and electronic systems. For this purpose, the Searey ATD has been equipped with a state-of-the-art flight data acquisition and recording system which combines engine data with aircraft and navigation data.

The Searey ATD is strongly supported by BRP-Rotax and uses their 9 series iS aero engines exclusively, providing valuable data for future engine developments. At present, the Searey ATD has a Rotax 912iS Sport engine, an MTV-34 propeller and an MT-853-12 propeller governor installed. Immediately after Sun & Fun 2017, the 912iS will be replaced by the new Rotax 915iS for performance comparison and long-term flight tests.

For the first time in the light sport aircraft category, the Searey ATD offers a single-lever operated constant speed propeller, which significantly improves performance and dramatically reduces power management complexity for the pilot. The highly automated system is based on the EMU 912iS Engine Management Unit and the MT propeller/governor combination.

Another first is the capability of the Searey ATD to automatically transmit its engine and aircraft data via LTE networks worldwide. This data is continuously received and stored on a computer server to generate a data base, which will be used by BRP-Rotax to perform engine health monitoring similar to existing systems in the large transport aircraft world.

The Searey ATD flight test activities are coordinated by RS Aerotech, which operates the aircraft out of its homebase and provides flight test plans, data reduction and analysis. RS Aerotech also generates the flight test reports and organizes the availability of flight test engineers and test pilots.

The unique Bahamian style paint scheme of the Searey ATD was created by Mirco Pecorari (, with the actual paint job being done by Recreational Mobility (

The Searey ATD is on display at the Rotax tent SE-015, Progressive Aerodyne Searey can be found on stand MD-028B, MT Propeller in Hangar A on stand A-081. For further information, please refer to:

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A quick visit with Rodrigo Scoda of Super Petrel (LD002)

Rodrigo Scoda - Photo: Eric TuckerOnce of the great things about Sun-n-Fun is that you never know who you are going to meet.  While wandering to find lunch, a voice calls our names and we turn and there is the ever friendly Rodrigo Scoda of Super Petrel.  For those of you that haven’t heard of the Super Petrel, here are a few key bits of information.

First, the Petrel has been around for about 20 years now.  That’s a long time to perfect things.  The Super Petrel is an amphibious Biplane, with very sleek styling.  It is powered with a reliable and fuel efficient Rotax Aircraft Engine.

So why a Biplane?  Glad you asked …
First, it provides efficient lift.  Second, along with the efficient lift, having a lower wing means that the aircraft remains in ground effect longer during take off and this is important as it means it can accelerate to climb airspeed quickly after it leaves the water.
Another thing you might notice – it has NO FLAPS.  Because of the lift, it has a very low stall speed. So low, it does not need flaps.

There are many unique features to this aircraft.  Ahh, but I digress… after speaking with Rodrigo for a few minutes, he could not hold in the fact, that they are preparing to receive the new Rotax 915iS engine.  It will mean a lot of development and testing – but he is so excited about it.

So if you are in the area, come on down and say hi.  We are sure you will love the aircraft and enjoy talking with one of the most enthusiastic people we know.  They are in booth LD002 (near the food court).  If you are not at the show, you can find them online at

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Rotax iS with single lever control on display at SnF 2017.

  RS Aerotech today arrived and tied down their newly fitted SeaRey with a Rotax iS and MT constant speed propeller.  This unique test aircraft was the brainchild of Michael Stock of Stock Flight Systems.  The aircraft has been fitted with a full FADAC system for complete single lever control that reads and interprets via the CAN Aero system control information for the propeller pitch.  

While the show opens tomorrow the aircraft has already created some interest with the many people setting up at the event.  In addition there will be onboard telemetry that can be read from the ground, a first as far as small experimental aircraft of this size that we know of.  Watch for a more complete report on this special aircraft later this week.  

To view the aircraft, go to the Rotax iService and Training Centres booth, SE15 (near the main gate) at SNF 2017.

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