SEAREY ATD UPDATE: AirVenture 2017

Oshkosh (WI), 07/24/2017 – RS Aerotech, Ltd. will show the Searey Advanced Technology Demonstrator (Searey ATD) with the new Rotax 915 iS engine at the Rotax booth during Airventure 2017. The Searey amphibious land/seaplane, produced as an S-LSA by Progressive Aerodyne of Tavares (FL) is used for long time flight testing of the Rotax 9 series iS engines, MT propellers and future-oriented electronic aircraft systems designed by RS Aerotech. The modified Searey ATD has been equipped with a single lever constant speed propeller control system (SLC), and a CANaerospace-based flight data acquisition and recording system.

The Searey ATD automatically transmits engine and flight data via any 2G/3G/4G network worldwide. This data is continuously stored on a remote computer server to generate an engine health monitoring data base, thereby introducing the LSA world to the technology of large transport aircraft. This technology will be available for all Rotax 9 iS series engines soon.

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Rotax Information Sessions at SNF 2017

Things will be very at the Rotax iService and Training Centre booth (SE15 – near the main entrance gate)

Here is the 2017 Daily Event Guide: Note – registration in booth is required for each information session as space is limited to 10 participants.  For the iRMT RENEWAL course, please contact LOCKWOOD AVIATION at 863-655-5100.


TUESDAY     10:00 – 11:00 – ROTAX Familiarisation *
13:00 – 14:00 – ROTAX 912iS Installation Information *    
WEDNESDAY   10:00 – 11:00 – ROTAX Familiarisation*
13:00 – 14:00 – ROTAX 912iS Installation Information*
FRIDAY   10:00 – 11:00 – ROTAX Familiarisation*
13:00 – 14:00 – ROTAX 912iS Installation Information*
SATURDAY   10:00 – 11:00 – ROTAX Familiarisation*
SUNDAY   No scheduled courses

 * The information sessions are free, however seating is limited.  Please register in Booth SE15.
 ** There is a charge for the Renewal Programme and space is limited to 10 people.  You must contact LOCKWOOD AVIATION at 863-655-5100 before the start of the show.


WEDNESDAY   10:30 – 11:45 – Rotax Engines-2 stroke maintenance tips with PHIL LOCKWOOD
THURSDAY   10:30 – 11:45 – Rotax 912/914 Service & Operating Tips with PHIL LOCKWOOD









Please check back for updates.

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Photos from the iRMT Maintenance training in Rivadavia

While I have had the chance to experience training in a variety of locations, this one is always going to bring back fond memories.  The technicians have traveled a long way to attend these courses. They are very dedicated, skilled and love to learn and share ideas. 

This training is going to result in a few new iRCs being placed on the map and that is good news for Rotax engine owners.

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Photos from the iRMT Service training in Argentina!


What a beautiful place to do training.  A special thank you to the Cardama
family for being such gracious hosts.

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EAA AirVenture – UPDATE

There are so many people behind the scenes that make the EAA AirVenture experience come to life each year.  The Rotax iSC/TC booth in spaces 265-267, is a prime example of how important teamwork is.
Phase 1 was started many months ago by the good folks at ArenaAmericas.  Today, Phase 2 arrived.  If you have been viewing this site, you will already know that there will be two information session daily at the Rotax iSC/TC booth. (Note: The info sessions are free, but seating is limited, so please sign up early.) Well, to make this happen, the crew from ModSpace rocked up with this amazing 60′ trailer.  Matt, Nadja, Andrew and Jesus were are critical to making this work so well.

Here is the classroom just after it’s arrival this morning:
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More from Aero 2016


Picture 1 of 40

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First few photos from Aero 2016

1 From the good ol 80Hp

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Rotax iSC/iTC booth at SNF2016 ready!

IMG_3039Today is the official start of the Sun-n-Fun 2016 Airshow.  For those of you that are unable to attend, stay tuned to this site for updates and news.

This year the guys and girls at the Rotax iSC/iTC booth are doing things a little differently.  Besides the bigger tent and slight booth change of location. They are now one space over from last year, in  SE 15.  (Turn right as you come in the main gate).  They will be offering a daily Rotax 912iS installation information session.

The information session will start at 1pm daily and run for about an hour.  RFSC Instructor Jorge Tavio will give a brief overview of the iS engine and then go into some key installation details.  After that he will answer any questions you might have.  Come by the booth and book early as seating is limited to 10 people.

Another not so new but still sexy bit of news, is that there will be an example of the new Rotax 915iS (a fuel injected turbo engine).  So come on down and have a look.

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Phil Lockwood to give Rotax seminars at Sun-n-Fun 2016


Phil Lockwood and a Rotax 912ULS aircraft engine.

The Pilots Guide to Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance – The two strokes.
Wednesday April 6th at 10:30 AM in the Paradise city (LSA area) forum /briefing tent.

If you fly an aircraft powered by a Rotax Aircraft Engine, or plan to on the future, you don’t want to miss this informative presentation. Phil Lockwood, president of Lockwood Aviation Supply, the number one Authorized Rotax Service Center in North America, will offer his insight into the best ways to maintain and operate your Rotax Aircraft engine. Phil will demystify the latest service information on the most popular 2 stroke Light Sport Aircraft Engines in the world. Phil will also discuss the latest information on 2 stroke oil for the Rotax.

Rotax 912 Introduction to Service and Operation
Thursday April 7th at 10:30 AM in the Paradise city (LSA area) forum /briefing tent.

A perfect introduction to operating and maintaining the Rotax 912 series engines for pilots and mechanics. This free seminar presented by Phillip Lockwood, President of the number one Rotax service center in North America, Lockwood Aviation Supply, will offer his insight into the best ways to Maintain and operate The Rotax 9 series engines.

Phil will also bring you up to date on the latest innovations that are keeping the 912 on the leading edge of aircraft engine technology and explain why this engine has become so popular. He’ll also offer answers to today’s most commonly asked questions such as:

How will the use of auto fuel containing alcohol affect the 912?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of 100LL avgas?
What kind of Rotax technical training is available and how do I get it?
What is the best oil to use in the Rotax 912?

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(Left to right) Uwe Nickelsen (Argentina), Eric Tucker (Instructor), William Burgher (Administration), Jae Pil Kim (Korea), Jorge Tavio (USA), Luis Gallo (Colombia), Woo Jin Kim (Korea), Kevin Kane (USA), Mario D'Amico (Argentina), Roger Lee (USA), Marcelo Verinaud (Brazil)

(Left to right) Uwe Nickelsen (LSA Service – Ecuador), Eric Tucker (RFSC, Ltd.- Bahamas), William Burgher (RFSC, Ltd. – Bahamas), Jae Pil Kim (Chodang University – Korea), Jorge Tavio (Kodiak Research – Bahamas ), Luis Gallo (LAG Ultralight – Colombia), Woo Jin Kim (Chodang University – Korea), Kevin Kane (California Power Systems – USA), Mario D’Amico (Ultralight SRL – Argentina), Roger Lee (California Power Systems – USA), Marcelo Verinaud (Cruzerio Do Sul – Brazil)

(Nassau, Bahamas) RFSC Ltd. wishes to congratulate all the attendees of the Instructor Development course held in Nassau, Bahamas. The program was held from May 18 to the 21 with intensive practice sessions to improve presentation skills, work with the RFSC materials and administration guidelines for training. The course had an international flavour, with instructor candidates from 3 continents attending.

Rotax Flying and Safety Club, with approval from both the distributor and Rotax (Austria) has been offering an instructor development programme since it’s inception.  For more information on the training courses offered by the RFSC, please go to www.RotaxFlyingClub.com .  For Rotax owners looking for a current technician (iRMT Technicians must have their training renewed every two years) you can find a map and list at www.RotaxiRMT.com.


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