Rotax TECH TIPS SB Replacement of oil filter

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iRMT Training in Argentina

img_1711aHoy en la ciudad de Mendoza, Argentina Ultralight (iRSC centro de servicio Rotax para Argentina, Chile, Uruguay y Paraguay) junto a Aerotec Argentina a lo largo de esta semana estaremos realizando los cursos de Service, Mantenimiento y Mantenimiento intensivo para motores Rotax. Como instructor RFSC (Rotax Flying and Safty Club) Mario D´Amico, hemos completado todas las plazas disponibles de los distintos cursos y asi formar 25 nuevos Tecnicos de Mantenimiento Rotax (iRMT) que darán un mejor servicio para los usuarios y propietarios de motores Rotax a lo largo del país.

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Rotax releases soft start wiring option in electric modules.

For all the 80hp/115hp engine owners out there that have been asking for a soft start option, your requests have been answered.

Depending on the type of module you have, you might be able to replace your old module with a new soft start one.  You can purchase this module from your independent Service Centre  (iSC).  The part number is 965444.

If you own a:

912UL starting with engine serial number 4410999 or higher,

912A (certified) starting with engine serial number 4413022 or higher,

912F (certified) starting with engine serial number 6771109 pr higher,

You can use the module with part number 965444 whether you want the soft start feature or not.  Engines with older serial number must use 965446.

Under Rotax guidelines this module should only be replaced by a iRMT with a Maintenance rating or higher.

Please contact your local iRMT or your iSC for more information and pricing.

For more technical details and some Q&A – please click below.

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People you need to know: Patrick White

Talking with Patrick White – Lead technician from Leading Edge Air Foils.

 Who: Patrick is the lead technician at Leading Edge Air Foils.

RNN: It is great to have you at the Rotax independent Service and Training Centre here at Oshkosh 2015.  What have been the 10 most asked questions at this year’s show?

1. What is the TBO on Rotax engines?
A. 2 strokes are 300 hours and 4 strokes are 2000 hours.

2. How much do Rotax aircraft engines weigh?
A. Depending on the engine anywhere for 65lbs for the two stroke to 185lb for the new Rotax 915iS.  You will have allow for things like airframe installation, and liquids.

3. What is the price of the Rotax engine?
A. Anywhere from $5,000.00 to $28,000.00 depending on the model.  The prices are currently favorable due to the current exchange rate.

4. Will this engine fit in my aircraft?
A. The easy answer is you should use the Rotax engine type that the aircraft manufacturer recommends.

5. What oil should I use in my Rotax 4 stroke engine?
A. Rotax recommends that you use new red bottle Aeroshell Sport Plus 4.

6. What fuel should I use in my Rotax four stroke engine?
A. Premium unleaded auto fuel (93 octane or higher).

7. What are the major maintenance costs of the Rotax 4 stroke engine?
A. Carburetor and gearbox maintenance are the primary expenses to consider.  Although the gearbox is common on all the 4 stroke, you can eliminate the carb maintenance costs by using the new fuel injected engine.

8. What is the fuel consumption of the Rotax 4 stroke engine?
A. Depending on the aircraft and installation anywhere from 5.0 gallons per hour to as low as 3.0 gallons per hour on the 912 iS fuel injected engine.

9. Will the Rotax engines make it to the TBO they claim?
A. Yes.

10.  Are the Rotax engines difficult to maintain for a person wanting to do their own maintenance?
A. With independent Rotax Maintenance Technician training, the maintenance is relatively easy.  We have training dates coming up in September/October this year.  To sign up, please go to

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Updated Flat Rate Time Chart for iRMTs!

UPDATED: 2014.10.22

Rotax Flying and Safety Club (RFSC Ltd.) has just posted the new Rotax Flat Rate Time Chart.
The chart assists current independent Rotax Maintenance Technicians (iRMT) when doing Rotax warranty work, by giving them an idea of the how much time is given depending on what section they are working on.

iRMT can get a copy of the chart by going to and clicking on the iSC/iRC docs tab.

Warranty in the USA, Central and South Americas:

Non Certified Aircraft
Some key things to remember:

  • The engine must be registered.  This is free and very simple to do by going to
  • All warranty claims are processed through an independent Service Centre (iSC).  It is important to keep in contact with them as they are there to provide support and direction.   You can contact your local iSC here:
BRAZIL Cruzeiro do Sul Aviação


  • For the labour rate to be valid, the technician must have taken Rotax approved training and hold a current iRMT rating.
  • Warranty time is based on an engine on a work bench.

For complete warranty details, contact your local iSC or go to and download a copy of the warranty agreement.

Certified Aircraft
Please see the Rotech Research Ltd. website:

Warranty in the rest of the World:

Please contact your local distributor.  For a list, please click here: 

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We have have been getting several reoccurring questions:

How much is it?
Pricing is currently not available.  Bear in mind the the following:
– The iS comes standard with the electric fuel pump pack, ASTM qualified, to the fire requirements.
– The iS also has a complete exhaust system.
– The iS has a Rotax ring mount.
– The iS incorporates an air-box on the engine.
– The iS has a 430 charging system dedicated to the airframe side (430/13.7=32 amps) which is double the  size of the current ULS. (so no real need for external alternator)

Can I retro-fit the injection to the engine?
NO, it is a new engine with new block, crankshaft, ignition to name a few parts.  More than 60% of the parts in the iS have new part numbers or are newly created just for this engine.

Can I retro-fit this into my existing aircraft?
Perhaps, but the recommended method is to have the OEM, (airframe producer) proof the first installation and make the recommendation.  The fuel system and electrical system have significant differences.

When is it available?
Some engines will be coming soon, currently the ones on hand are for OEM to do first installations and proof the airframe.  Serial production starts in a few months.

Can I still get the 912ULS?
YES, the iS engine is an addition to the fleet, not a replacement.  In some cases this engine may not suit the aircraft.  In some cases the additional cost is not desirable.  (low cost kit buyers may wish to keep the kit prices as low as possible.)

What fuel does it require?
The same fuel as used in the standard ULS is acceptable, min. 91 octane AKI rating.  E10 fuel with the same knock rating is also acceptable and 100LL is acceptable.

Owners will require specialized instruments for the installation, these will be available shortly.  Details will be ready by Sun n Fun.

Remember – keep checking for new information.

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Rotax 912 series warranty explained.

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