First RFSC 915iS Installation Course takes place in Bahamas!

RFSC, Ltd completed it’s first specialist 915iS Installation course in Nassau, Bahamas.

Leading technicians from various aircraft companies were invited to this course as the release of the new Rotax engine is almost upon us.  Technicians were given the latest information and lessons learned from the fleet of test engines.  More news coming soon.

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Photos from the iRMT Maintenance training in Rivadavia

While I have had the chance to experience training in a variety of locations, this one is always going to bring back fond memories.  The technicians have traveled a long way to attend these courses. They are very dedicated, skilled and love to learn and share ideas. 

This training is going to result in a few new iRCs being placed on the map and that is good news for Rotax engine owners.

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Photos from the iRMT Service training in Argentina!


What a beautiful place to do training.  A special thank you to the Cardama
family for being such gracious hosts.

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iRMT Training in Argentina

img_1711aHoy en la ciudad de Mendoza, Argentina Ultralight (iRSC centro de servicio Rotax para Argentina, Chile, Uruguay y Paraguay) junto a Aerotec Argentina a lo largo de esta semana estaremos realizando los cursos de Service, Mantenimiento y Mantenimiento intensivo para motores Rotax. Como instructor RFSC (Rotax Flying and Safty Club) Mario D´Amico, hemos completado todas las plazas disponibles de los distintos cursos y asi formar 25 nuevos Tecnicos de Mantenimiento Rotax (iRMT) que darán un mejor servicio para los usuarios y propietarios de motores Rotax a lo largo del país.

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snfDean Vogel from Lockwood Aviation will be hosting an Rotax iRMT Renewal programme at Sun-n-Fun 2017.

Here are the key details:

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 at 9:00 am sharp.

In the RFSC Training Centre on SE015 (Near the main entrance.)

The renewal programme is for current iRMT (expired by no more than 3 months) wishing to renew there 2 Stroke Maintenance, 9 Series Service, 912 Maintenance and 9 Series Maintenance ratings.

To renew your 2 Stroke Maintenance rating – sign up by clicking here.
To renew your 9 Series Service (inc. 912 Service)sign up by clicking here.
To renew your 912 Maintenance rating – sign up by clicking here.
To renew your 9 Series Maintenance rating – sign up by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Lockwood Aviation at 863-655-5100.

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CRUZERIO DO SUL approves 4th iRC in Brazil


img_87111É com muita satisfação que anunciamos como IRC Rotax a empresa Ultratécnica localizada no aeroporto de São Pedro interior de São Paulo.

Atuando a 10 anos no mercado a empresa se localiza no aeroporto de São Pedro em uma região turística do estado de SP.O local comporta aviões monomotores e bimotores de pequeno e médio porte e não cobra taxas de aterrisagem e decolagem oferecendo uma operação de baixo custo.

A Cruzeiro do Sul confiou nos serviços da Ultratécnica para IRC por se tratar de uma empresa altamente qualificada que segue os padrões de qualidade ROTAX para realização de serviços com confiabilidade e segurança.

A empresa trabalha com oficina de células e motores e realiza RIAM em todos os níveis (50, 100, 400, 600, 1000 horas e revisão geral), além de realizar inspeções e revisões gerais em motores Lycoming, Jabiru e ROTAX.

A Cruzeiro do Sul confia no serviço da Ultratécnica por dentre outros motivos, a empresa ser pioneira em oferecer aos clientes um Mapa de Controle de Componentes e Mapa de Controle de Boletins para Aeronaves Experimentais, a partir de 2015.

Um fator que agrega valor ao serviço da empresa é o fato de todos os mecânicos possuírem MMA (MECÂNICO DE MANUTENÇÃO DE AERONAVES), o que qualifica o serviço prestado.

A empresa vem ampliando cada vez mais seu ramo de atuação e sua participação no mercado nacional sendo de grande valor sua incorporação como IRC rotax!

img_87111It´s with satisfaction that we announced as our IRC the company Ultratécnica located at São Pedro airport in the State of São Paulo.

With 10 years of experience in the market, the company is located in a very touristic region of the state.

The place comprises single-engine aircraft and twin-engine small and medium-sized and does not charge landing fees and takeoff offering a low-cost operation.

Cruzeiro do Sul entrusted in the services of Ultratécnica as IRC because it´s a highly qualified company that follows the ROTAX quality standards to perform services with reliability and security.

The company works with cells and engines workshop and realize RIAM in all the levels (50, 100, 400, 600, 1000 hours and general REVIEM), besides realize inspections e general reviews in engines Lycoming, Jabiru and Rotax.

The Southern Cross relies on Ultratécnica because, among other reasons, the company is a pioneer in offering customers a Component Control Map and Bulletins control Map for non-certified Aircraft  since 2015.

One fact which adds value to the company is that all the mechanics that works in the workshop have the MMA (aeronautic maintenance mechanic) certified by ANAC,in other words they are all very trained in what they are doing.

The company is increasingly expanding its field of operations and its participation in the domestic market and is of great value their incorporation as an IRC rotax!



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Ylvis – Engine For Gabriel [Official Music Video HD]

On a lighter note … the dream to fly ….

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RS AEROTECH and SEAREY join for high tech testing …


L-R: Michael Stock, Wolfgang Reiser and Adam Yang

We were grateful to have the CEO of Progressive Aerodyne, Mr. Adam Yang and the principals of RS Aerotech join us in the RFSC AirVenture classroom today.   Together and with the help of some very large companies, they are going to be shaping the future of electronics aboard smaller aircraft.

What’s this all about, you ask … Well, today RS Aerotech announced that they have acquired a Progressive Aerodyne Searey LSX for testing platform for advanced technologies linked to the 912iS and 915iS Rotax aircraft engines.  Sounds a little techy and interesting?  Here are the details:

The Searey will be operated in Florida and the Bahamas with the following objectives:

o As a long-time flight test of Rotax 9 series iS aircraft engine in harsh environment (salt water, water spray, high humidity, high temperatures).
o Thanks to Rotax support of this project, the aircraft will be retrofitted with the 915iS as soon as it is available.
o Installation of the EMU 912iS/915iS Engine Management Unit and a Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System.
o Worldwide real-time data interface via cockpit-installed technology developed by RS Aerotech.
o A data server, operated and maintained by RS Aerotech, will allow unrestricted 24/7 access to flight data for post processing and engine health monitoring.
o Optimize the single lever constant speed propeller for Rotax engines with MT propeller by performing the corresponding flight tests.
o Promote the 912iS and 915iS engines by showing the advantages of these engines for seaplanes (which have to overcome more drag) and land airplanes.
o Generate a substantial amount of flight hours, to establish a long term engine data base and provide the basis to develop a toolset for trend analysis of engine data combined with flight state information.

Michael Stock said they choose the SeaRey LSX because it was a stable and safe platform to work on.  The fact that the SeaRey can put down on both land and water (without any fuss) is just and added safety feature.

Mr. Yang was enthusiastic about his company’s involvement on this project.  He mentioned that he is committed to building a long term relationship with Rotax.  This is important and beneficial for Progressive Aerodyne.  We have a very good product and this type of testing will only improve our aircraft in the future.

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EAA AirVenture – UPDATE

There are so many people behind the scenes that make the EAA AirVenture experience come to life each year.  The Rotax iSC/TC booth in spaces 265-267, is a prime example of how important teamwork is.
Phase 1 was started many months ago by the good folks at ArenaAmericas.  Today, Phase 2 arrived.  If you have been viewing this site, you will already know that there will be two information session daily at the Rotax iSC/TC booth. (Note: The info sessions are free, but seating is limited, so please sign up early.) Well, to make this happen, the crew from ModSpace rocked up with this amazing 60′ trailer.  Matt, Nadja, Andrew and Jesus were are critical to making this work so well.

Here is the classroom just after it’s arrival this morning:
IMG_4546 (continue reading…)

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Information Sessions at AirVenture 2016!

2016-07-18_03-33-00EAA Airventure is just about a week away!  We can’t wait to be there!  The Rotax independent Service and Training Centres booth will be in the same spot of main aircraft display area as last year.  Right at the cross roads of the four hangers in spaces 265, 266 and 267.

New this year will be the two daily information sessions.  The first session from 10am-11am gives a general familiarization of Rotax and their various product lines.  The second session from 1:00pm to 2:00pm is geared more towards builders looking to install the Rotax 912iS Sport engine.

The information sessions are provided at no charge, however seating is limited so please book your space at the booth 265.

Click here for the official press release

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